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Carbon Accounting

Reducing Scope 3 Emissions in the Agricultural Value Chain with Agritask

Our Process

Create a survey or select a pre-defined standard questionnaire​


calculation method

Monitor remotely


data using our mobile app

Analyze survey results and create audit-ready reports


and decarbonize using our interactive planner

Streamline Carbon Accounting Measurement

Address the largest potential for GHG emission reduction across the agricultural value chain. Through our deep agronomic expertise and strong grower partnerships, we simplify and digitize the complex processes of carbon emissions reporting and calculation.

Streamline Carbon Accounting Measurement​
Data Analytics and Remediation​

Data Analytics and Remediation

Our carbon balance dashboard provides a comprehensive view of emissions, by region, crop and/or activity, guiding you towards your reduction goals. Identify “hotspots”, collaborate with growers to scale sustainable agriculture practices and plan additional decarbonization activities using our interactive planner. Simplify regulatory compliance reporting and improve operational efficiency.

Future-Proof Platform

Agritask will become your partner in managing your carbon management efforts. Enabling various calculation methods according to your preference, such as Cool Farm Tool or Irri, we can also work together to build your own calculation model. Agritask has a distinctive background rooted in agronomy, granting us profound knowledge and expertise in agriculture and experience collaborating with growers.

Future-Proof Platform ​

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