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Why Agritask

Unlocking Crop Supply Intelligence

Crop Supply Intelligence

Agritask fills a critical blindspot in the food & beverage value chain by providing comprehensive insights into crop-related data. Our platform equips companies with valuable information about yield quantity, quality, timing, and sustainability conditions, right from the source.

Crop supply intelligence
Agronomic data analytics

Agronomic Data Analytics

With a wealth of agronomic knowledge gained from working in over 27 countries, across various climates, and with more than 100 different crops, Agritask’s software and mobile tools are purpose-built for agriculture.

Business Actionable Insights

Collaborating with food & beverage companies, Agritask is committed to supporting crop supply and sustainability efforts. Our platform delivers decision-support data through user-friendly charts and dashboards tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Business actionable insights
Grower engagement

Grower Engagement

Our proven experience and unique strategies foster close relationships with growers. By offering scalable agronomic advice, facilitating two-way communication with corporate agronomists, and providing growers with tools to manage their operations effectively, we enhance their well-being and quality of life, making them more eager to collaborate with food and beverage companies.

Data Layer Integrations

Agritask boasts over 40 integrations, including GIS, sustainability, irrigation, and farm operations. This extensive connectivity enables a holistic view of data and collaboration across the agricultural ecosystem.

Data layer integrations