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Carbon Emissions Management for Food & Beverage Companies

Understand how Agritask can help you deal with the challenges of scope 3 carbon accounting and offsets for the food and beverage industry.

A Guide to Carbon Management for Food & Beverage Companies

As the world turns its focus towards sustainability, food companies are confronted with the challenging task of measuring and reducing their carbon emissions from agriculture, considered part of the scope 3 category. This complex challenge demands innovative solutions and a comprehensive understanding of the activities involved.

Climate-smart commodities are at the forefront of sustainable agriculture, representing a pivotal shift towards environmentally responsible practices. By harnessing innovative technologies and precise carbon management strategies, farmers can produce goods that not only meet the demands of today’s conscious consumers but also contribute to a greener, more resilient future. These commodities are cultivated with a deep commitment to reducing emissions, sequestering carbon, and mitigating the impact of agriculture on our planet.


This white paper provides an overview of the carbon emissions measurement challenge, terminology, required involvement and practical steps for food & beverage companies: