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Agricultural Insurance

Agritask enables agricultural insurance companies and reinsurers to use geospatial risk analysis to enhance underwriting, monitoring, claims management, and damage assessment processes.

Accurately profile
agricultural risk

Monitor remotely

Enable smart inspection

Multi-indicator Plot-level Risk Profiling

Risk-based underwriting for agricultural insurance, making use of multiple geospatial risk data at the plot level.

In-season Remote Monitoring

Get ahead of potential claims with real-time visibility into insured plots.

Quality Control Field Inspections

Accurate, timely data flow from field inspection teams to
streamline compliance check and claims management.

Agronomic Intelligence Can Transform Your Business

Agritask has been revolutionizing agricultural insurance around the world.
Our experts would love to show you how

Expert Insights from the Ground Up

Agricultural Insurance conundrum

The Agri-Insurance Conundrum

Agricultural insurance has been trailing behind in its ability to provide personalized underwriting and accurate risk assessments. As a result, the people most in need of insurance are unable to afford it.

Is it simply a matter of finding the right tools?