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About Us

Agritask is a Crop Supply Intelligence Company, providing visibility into predictability and sustainability of crop supply for Food & Beverage enterprises. Our SaaS platform is a crucial link that directly connects enterprises to growers and suppliers at the source of their value chain. It empowers businesses to monitor, support, and enforce scalable agronomic practices, safeguarding crop quantity, enhancing crop quality, and ensuring sustainable cultivation practices.

Food & Beverage enterprises often struggle with the inherent volatility and instability of crop supply caused by varied cultivation factors and the impact of climate change. This blindspot is the challenge directly addressed by Agritask.

Leveraging augmented agronomic data, AI/ML, and data analytics, Agritask equips Food & Beverage enterprises with invaluable insights and cutting-edge tools. Agritask helps these enterprises optimize supply operations and achieve & quantifiably measure their sustainability goals while mitigating risks across globally distributed farming ecosystems.

Agritask’s impact resonates worldwide, transcending the boundaries of over 100 crop types. Our platform is trusted by industry leaders like AB InBev, General Mills, Starbucks, Nestle, and more. It is designed to accommodate diverse regions and agronomic protocols, effectively channeling corporate knowledge and standards directly into the fields where they matter most.

Our Vision

Securing the world's food supply for years to come by empowering collaborations across the value chain. Connecting food and beverage companies with their globally distributed farmer ecosystem to ensure resilient, sustainable and efficient food production.

Our Leadership Team


Ofir Ardon

Maor Harush

Maor Harush


Arsira Thumaprudti

VP Business Development

Ran Pugach


Andrew Schetinin


Hili Seker Amiel

VP People

Asaf Abady


Gilly Kinsky

VP Marketing

Salo Ben-Avi

VP Services


Yair Safrai


Israel Fraier

Founder and Board member

Jorge Vidal

Board member

Ran Grodecki

Board Member

Dganit Vered

Board Member

Doron Darmon

Board Member