Corporate Growers & Ag Investors

Control & optimize your field operations

Corporate growers and ag investors deal with a lot of moving parts. They need visibility to optimize yield and harvest quality. They have to monitor and manage resources, including workers, machines, and farm inputs. They want to make use of new technologies, but in a way that fits into their work methods and at their own pace.

Agritask enables corporate farmers and ag investors to manage their operations from A to Z. It excels in capturing data from each client’s existing workflow and technologies of choice, and enables them to make the most out of it. Agritask is highly flexible and grows with evolving needs, from first-time digitization to full automation.

Agritask for corporate growers and ag investors

Make fact-based, on-time decisions

Digitize field operations and get a holistic view of all data in real-time. Improve response time to problems with automatic alerts and recommendations.


Improve efficiency and control of resources

Plan field activities and follow up on execution. Monitor the productivity of workers, machinery and materials. Implement best practices across organization by embedding decision support models.

Continuously improve performance

Analyze from a structured database down to the plot level. Benchmark plot performance across different parameters. Verify working assumptions and calibrate models across season.