The EU Soil Monitoring Directive – What food supply chain players need to know?

soil monitoring

Understanding the Impact of the EU Soil Monitoring Directive 60% of European soils are unhealthy – meaning they have sustained damage to their structure, microbial composition and overall nutrients. That in turn makes them more susceptible to erosion (being carried away by rain or wind) and their cultivation more input-intensive. This degradation is estimated to […]

Adapting to Climate Change in Agriculture – Are Droughts Reshaping the Agriculture Industry?

Agriculture climate change

Adapting to Climate Change: Droughts Effects Climate change is undeniably impacting the world’s weather patterns, leading to a rise in extreme weather events that affect agriculture on a global scale. Droughts, once considered infrequent anomalies, have become more frequent and intense, with a staggering 29% increase in their occurrence since 2000. This prolonged lack of […]

Drought resilience and the food supply chain

Drought Resiliency

What food and beverage companies can learn from the summer of 2022? The summer of 2022 saw record-breaking temperatures, the highest in 500 years. An intense series of heatwaves across Europe, paired with unusually dry conditions, led to a summer of extremes in terms of temperature, droughts, and wildfires in the northern hemisphere. The drought, […]