Coffee, cacao and climate risk mitigation

coffee and cacao climate risk

What do management books have to say about regenerative agriculture? F&B companies are increasingly encouraging the adoption of sustainable and regenerative agriculture among their growers and suppliers. In part, the shift is driven by changes in consumer demands, but the main drive is long-term operational stability and climate risk mitigation, especially in the coffee and […]

Carbon accounting in agriculture – shifting from declarations to metrics

Agriculture carbon accounting

Changing Agriculture’s carbon balance – shifting from declarations to metrics. Agriculture is an inherently carbon-capturing industry, as plants capture carbon from the air and sequester it into the soil as part of their life cycles, but modern farming practices have had an impact on Agriculture’s carbon accounting by making the sector a major carbon emitter. […]

CSRD and ESRS in Food and Beverage industry – implications, guidelines and next steps


What food companies should know about CSRD and ESRS requirements ? Sustainability reporting regulation is undergoing a worldwide transformation, maturing from voluntary reports and multiple reporting guidelines to mandatory, standardized reporting. At the forefront of this shift stands the European Union, with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) requirements and the companying European Sustainability Reporting […]

Scope 3 emissions – the Food and Beverage Challenge

carbon emissions

Accounting for agriculture-based scope 3 emissions within the food value chain is a considerable challenge, but it can also offer considerable rewards in the carbon market for those willing to make the effort.   For food and beverage companies, agricultural greenhouse gas emissions are both a burden and an opportunity. Agricultural emissions are considered a […]

Drought resilience and the food supply chain

Drought Resiliency

What food and beverage companies can learn from the summer of 2022? The summer of 2022 saw record-breaking temperatures, the highest in 500 years. An intense series of heatwaves across Europe, paired with unusually dry conditions, led to a summer of extremes in terms of temperature, droughts, and wildfires in the northern hemisphere. The drought, […]

Reducing food’s carbon footprint at the source

Agriculture carbon emissions

According to a report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, food systems accounted for 21 to 37 percent of total anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions between 2007 to 2016. The agriculture industry as a whole needs to take an active role to reduce agriculture carbon emissions through enhancing their potential for carbon sequestration. […]

Regenerative Agriculture’s Role in Stabilizing the F&B Supply Chain

Regenerative agriculture

How are regenerative agriculture and supply chain linked together? Of all the global corporations, F&Bs have the opportunity to make one of the largest impacts on the environment. Their operations touch every continent, every country, and most of the world’s land. Regenerative agriculture is one major way F&Bs can do their part in addressing global […]

Agritask raises $26M Series B funding, led by Liechtenstein Group

Press Release Tel Aviv – February 3, 2022- Agritask has secured a US$26M funding round led by Liechtenstein Group and joined by Bridges Israel impact investment fund and Smart Agro Fund, as well as existing investors including The Insuresilience Investment Fund. The company will use the funding to accelerate development of innovative products, scale up […]