Regenerative Agriculture

Guide, monitor, and reward regenerative agriculture initiatives remotely & at scale.

Regenerative agriculture

Scale Regenerative Agriculture with Agronomic Intelligence & Analytics


Provide automated crop, variety, and region-specific agronomic advisory through embedded agronomic protocols


Remotely monitor regenerative agriculture practices and indices to ensure success and compliance


Benchmark suppliers and growers on compliance and quality to confidently provide incentives and premiums

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture is a collection of practices and principles that aim to increase production resiliency, while also restoring soil health, improving soil water retention and permeation, and minimize the use of chemical inputs.

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Emerging industry standard

Regenerative agriculture’s reduced use of costly inputs and enhanced resiliency had shown to yield 15%-25% ROI over time.

No wonder industry leaders are increasingly pursuing regenerative agriculture, investing in regenerative sourcing initiatives and demanding it as a part of their supplier code of conduct.

Regenerative Agriculture Solution

Agritask supports the planning, implementation and management of various regenerative agriculture principles and practices, delivering crop, region and program specific advice to growers worldwide, and providing scalable agronomic support throughout the season. 

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Regenerative agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture

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