Sourcing regulation

Mandatory, standardized, and quantifiable sustainability metrics – down to the last plot.


Streamline sourcing accountability and
sustainability assessments

Quantify your impact

Gain accurate data on scope 3 carbon emissions, chemical use, and other environmental and social metrics

Demonstrate sustainability ROI

Assess the effectiveness of sustainability initiatives and corporate efforts in improving sustainability metrics over time

Future-proof compliance

Create a solid infrastructure for upcoming value chain due diligence requirements like EUDR, LkSG, CSDDD, etc.

What is the CSRD?

The corporate sustainability reporting directive (CSRD) require companies that operate in or from the EU to report on certain environmental and social metrics in their annual reports.

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Accounting for the
value chain

Companies need not only report data on their own production activities, but also account for their value chain’s resource use and conduct. For complex, multi-national supply chains like food and beverage, this means extensive due diligence and data collection processes spanning many thousands of producers and growers. Failure to meet regulatory demands can result in penalties and damage to brand reputation.

Streamline CSRD compliance

Agritask enables companies to map their entire ingredient supply array and calculate the CSRD required metrics using regulatory-approved calculators, and sourcing critical emissions data directly from growers in the platform through agronomic workflows and digitally managed survey processes.

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Due-diligence and reporting knowledge hub

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Implications, guidelines and next steps


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Ensuring sourcing is legal, humane, and deforestation-free