Climate Change & Supply Risks

Optimize procurement strategy, preparedness, and agronomic protocols to ensure stable operations in a volatile world.

Climate resiliency

Secure your yields, quality, and operational
continuity under a changing climate​


Optimize supplier selection
to meet future challenges

Actionable insights

Mitigate supply disruptions with
actionable insights


Guide agronomic practices
for new varieties and
regenerative agriculture

The future is volatile

Climate change is creating increasingly critical risks to yields, quality, safety and production schedules. While we are already seeing some of the impacts today, scientists are in consensus: it is only the beginning – the worst is yet to come.

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The resilient organization

Companies across the agri-food value chain are experiencing more and more unexpected disrupted production timelines, shortages, and compromised supply quality as a result of extreme events.

Building resilence in the supply chain through climate-minded sourcing strategies, timely visibility and agronomic mitigation measures can be detrimental to operations.

Resiliency through Agronomic Intelligence & Analytics​

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