Agritask for Ministries of Agriculture & NGOs

Deliver value to individual growers at scale

Ministries of agriculture and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) work with a large number of small, highly diversified growers. This requires the ability to capture data at the farm level in order to provide targeted services and aggregate data from many small farms to understand the big picture. The on-ground operations also need to be efficient and scalable.

Agritask enables ministries of agriculture and NGOs to deliver relevant services to millions of smallholders. It builds a highly scalable infrastructure with agronomic data down to the plot level, and facilitates the adoption of new technologies such as satellite and weather stations. The complete ecosystem of services, ranging from farm inputs to financial products, can be introduced leveraging on the same datasets.

Ministries of Agriculture & NGOs


Data-driven regional development

Create an agronomic profile of multiple farms and design targeted services. Continuously monitor with data from field surveys and other technologies. Benchmark growers and plots to identify best practices.


Optimize field operations

Remotely monitor farms and detect problems with automatic alerts and recommendations. Focus resources on areas of interest. Structure and quality-control field activities.


Build farmer ecosystems

Develop a data infrastructure useful for multiple stakeholders, bringing holistic services to the region. Facilitate access for the private sector and promote collaboration.