Ag Insurers & Creditors

Reduce Costs & Maximize Returns by Managing Agriculture Risks

Ag insurers and creditors need to evaluate risks from complex, multidisciplinary datasets, including agronomy, climate, geography and others. They require tools to make use of existing data, and also to continuously upgrade it. In addition, they also need to keep their operations efficient and reliable.

Agritask offers high-resolution risk assessment and underwriting support tools. It harmonizes primary field data with that from exogenous sources, such as satellite, weather stations and natural peril databases. The platform enforces rigorous field inspections by digitizing complex operational procedures. Only in this way can the program be scaled and flexible to serve a range of beneficiaries, from smallholders to commercial agriculture enterprises.

How Agritask Helps Insurers & Creditors Manage Risks in Agriculture


Insurance Operations Excellence Through Data-driven Processes

Digitize legacy procedures to improve cost efficiency and enterprise robustness. Cross-analyze data to gain visibility and actionable insights.


Precision Underwriting and Superior Agri Risk Assessment

Assign each plot a unique risk signature from primary and exogenous data. Enhance risk analytics with remote sensing and precision agriculture methodologies. Support product structuring, risk selection and portfolio management.


Systemize Monitoring, Loss-Adjustment, and Claim Management for Agricultural Insurance

Monitor perils and assess damage in real-time using satellite and weather data. Mitigate moral hazard and frauds by structuring and geo-referencing field inspections. Fully automate trigger calculation and payout for parametric products.