Ag-Buyers & Food Corporations: Yield forecast, quality and sustainability

Multinational ag-buyers and food corporations deal with complex, geographically dispersed supply chains. They require visibility into the fields to better manage their sourcing program, including yield forecasts, and look for information to ensure compliance with standards and promote the social and environmental sustainability.

Agritask provides a single platform for ag-buyers and food corporations to manage their operations from pre-planting to post-harvest, including traceability. It generates visibility across the entire grower’s network, to help assure yield and harvest quality. Agritask also promotes supply chain transparency to assure food safety and sustainability.

Agritasks' Agronomic Intelligence for Ag-Buyers & Food Corporations


Improve supply chain visibility

Plan production better with real-time data on phenological stage, crop health status, resource use, estimated yields and more. Optimize yield and cost with data down to the plot level.


Introduce standards and traceability

Implement best practices and growing protocols across multiple farms. Maintain compliance with regulations and certification standards. Track harvest from field to factory, including quality control data.


Become closer to growers

Tailor agronomic advice with on-time, relevant information from the fields. Improve support with structured field inspection program and remote sensing. Enhance harvest logistics operations.