Technology v2

Agritask’s proprietary technology and ‘one platform-one database’ approach enable you to optimize your ag-operations through fact-based decision making.

We’ve developed a proprietary programming language that makes it super easy and quick to digitally and automatically reproduce your manual working processes, quantifying your data, and recording your activities. This technology enables a truly customizable solution per client. We also integrate a wide-array of agronomic technologies, tools and data sources into one brain that analyzes the data, quantifies the risks, and produces alerts, recommendations, and actionable insights. Now you can make smarter decisions and be sure that your operations get continuously better from one season to the next.

The world of agriculture comes with inherent variability between work methods and best practices. This variability is a result of global diversity in culture, scale, climate, resources and more. This understanding drove us to develop Agritask as a domain-specific platform, where a number core components are highly configurable and can generate rich and diverse functionality. Much of the specific functionality requested by clients is not achieved by implementing new components, but by configuring the existing ones. One important aspect of the system configurability is the design of the AgriTask mobile application. AgriTask has developed a unique agriculture-oriented DSL (Domain-Specific Language) designed to support easy configuration of field work processes. It enables the system to accommodate highly specific work flows and provide field process management with unmatched level of flexibility.

The platform approach allows us to tend to any workflow defined by our customers and allows them to continuously evolve their solution on-the-go. This flexibility gives Agritask an ultra-agile approach, with new customer-specific feature releases and amendments within monthly and even weekly timeframes. Customers can work at any starting point and define and develop new features and capabilities even during the growing season