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Yield Intelligence

Remotely Asses Crop Yield Risks using Climate-Smart Technology

Why Yield Intelligence?

Anticipate Risks

Survey the fragmented supply array of growers

Optimize Sourcing

Ensure Availability

Portfolio-Level Visibility

Yield Intelligence provides portfolio-level visibility on yield risks, implications, and timing throughout the season, with no boots-on-the-ground required. By analyzing geo-located data from remote sensing and virtual weather stations tailored to each crop variety and plot of land, you can receive expected risk notifications months before the raw materials reach your manufacturing facility.

Yield Intelligence - portfolio
Yield Intelligence Insights

Actionable Data-Backed Insights

Our unique approach focuses on providing you with the intelligence you need to take action. We’ll provide advanced risk notifications to let you know how much yield is at risk, where the risks are, and what they are. This allows you to focus your agronomists on potential issues, seek new suppliers, source from different regions, buy raw materials early when prices are low, and more.

Monetize the Value of Early Risk Indications

While waiting for yield prediction data modeling to become more accurate, you can start monetizing the tremendous value of receiving risk indications in advance. Yield Intelligence enables taking proactive measures to mitigate risks and optimize crop supply, ensuring a consistent and reliable supply chain.

YI feature

Yield Intelligence - Better Manage your Crop Supply

Securing Crop Supply

Mitigate risks and ensure a stable supply of agricultural raw materials amidst crop variability, causing shortages and supply chain disruptions

Production Optimization – From Seed to Factory

Discover the main factors causing crop supply shortages and learn which strategies food and beverage companies should take to reduce these risks.

Promoting supply chain visibility via grower engagement

Scaling sustainable, quality assured supply chains through engaging agronomic workflows