Compliant sourcing

Ensuring sourcing is legal, humane, and deforestation free

Streamline compliance for sourcing due-diligence
requirements in the world’s most complex
value chains

Quantify your impact

Gain accurate data on scope 3 carbon emissions, chemical use,
and other environmental and
social metrics

Demonstrate sustainability ROI

Assess the effectiveness of sustainability initiatives and corporate efforts in improving sustainability metrics over time

Future-proof compliance

Create a solid infrastructure for upcoming value chain due
diligence requirements ike

What is the EUDR?

A new due diligence requirement for commodities that have been linked to deforestation and human rights violations. These commodities – coffee, cacao, palm oil, timber, soy, and beef – and the products derived from them will be banned from entering the EU without undergoing proper deforestation due diligence processes.

Suppliers and companies must present information regarding the origin of the specific batch of commodity or product, and demonstrate that they are free of:


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Shaking up the industry

Coffee, Cacao, and Soy are some of the world’s most complex value chains, with multiple co-ops, buyers, processors, and other intermediaries separating the grower and the brand.

Manufacturing companies can no longer select their suppliers based solely on quality and pricing. They will be required to map out their supply arrays down to the plot level, and assess the deforestation risk and legality of their supply chains and take steps to address any negative effects.

Streamline EUDR compliance

Agritask enables suppliers and food and beverage companies to easily manage deforestation due diligence processes utilizing multi-level plot mapping and due diligence, a powerful survey orchestration tool. and agronomic data compilation.

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Due diligence and reporting knowledge hub

An Introductory Guide for Food & Beverage Companies



Mandatory, standardized, and quantifiable sustainability metrics – down to the last plot.

How will the EUDR transform the agri-food supply chain?

Learn all about the new EU Deforestation Regulation