Food security and climate risks | Infographic

What does science tell us about emerging supply chain risks, and how to mitigate them?

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What will supply chain management look like in 50 years? The future of food is being hotly debated, as the impact of climate change materialize around us. In many ways, responsible sourcing is about ensuring food security for years to come, through climate-smart supply planning and more sustainable farming. Luckily,  knowledge is power.

A little more than a decade ago, a panel of scientists made an ominous list of predictions on the likely impacts of climate change on global food security by 2050. One by one, these predictions are now materializing – faster than anyone imagined. Over the past 2 years, scientists issued a new set of predictions, casting deep concerns over the future of global food systems. Droughts, floods, pest pandemics – are just the beginning.

Our new infographic presents predictions on emerging climate risks to food supply chains – from field to factory – and outlines a resilient way forward.

Get the key figures and concepts to understand, prepare for and mitigate the food crisis we are in, and those yet to come:

“The issue at stake is not whether adversities will continue to occur or not, but how we must take bolder action to build resilience against future shocks” – The state of food security and nutrition in the world 2022 – link to source