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Enterprise agronomic intelligence & analytics software to monitor and empower sustainable and resilient food supply chain operations from the farm up.

Tackling the Blindspot in Your Value Chain

Harnessing augmented agronomic data, machine learning and analytics, Agritask provides insights and tools to help food and beverage companies reduce risk, achieve and measure sustainability goals and optimize supply operations across globally distributed smallholder and corporate farming ecosystems.

Millions of Boots on the Ground - Zero Mud

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Millions of Boots on the Ground - Zero Mud

Actionable Insights from Field to Boardroom

User-tailored management dashboards, timely alerts and data-driven insights

Engaging, Intuitive, & fully customizable digitized agronomic workflows for enhanced grower engagement

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Expert Insights from the Ground Up

Food’s Carbon Accounting

What are the opportunities and challenges of scope 3 carbon accounting and offsets for the food and beverage industry?

How to start the carbon accounting process? and how to leverage it?

What are the mechanics of carbon emissions in agriculture?